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I’m delighted that these people felt strongly enough about our work together to offer an endorsement. If you have any feedback regarding my work with you, please send me an e-mail, and I’ll include yours in my next round of site updates!

I had gained quite a bit of weight on the road, which to a dancer was almost disastrous. Knowing that I would soon be put into very revealing costumes-not to mention the looming audition world I knew I was soon to be revisiting-I tried everything I could think of to lose the weight. I was working out after rehearsals, between and after shows, and my body just bulked up. While in rehearsals with Farah, I noticed the healthy foods that she was eating,  and became intruiged. I spoke to her about my issues, and then after a consultation began working with her.

Not only did Farah introduce me to fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods that I never consumed, but she also  always explained how and why certain foods were beneficial to me, and which were not. Because I am the pickiest eater on the planet, I was a bit reluctant to see what Farah would have me eat. I was surprised and thrilled that her plan for me slowly introduced me to new foods, and allowed me to wean myself off of those that were not good for me. I now weigh less than I did when I left for tour, and am happily continuing to eat healthily. When I go out to eat with friends who had yet to experience my new diet, I love watching their jaws drop as I order my healthy and satisfying meals. I really believe that Farah changed my overall lifestyle, and turned me, not only into a happier person, but a much healthier person as well!

-Ashley Rubin

When I first met Farah, I knew something was wrong my digestive system but my doctors and I couldn't figure it out.  I had just come off tour where I had to call out of shows because my stomach was so upset.  I was scared to eat and getting sick all the time was preventing me from doing normal daily activities.

After working with Farah, we discovered that I had developed an allergy to Gluten. She then helped me learn what I could eat (not couldn't) and put me on a path to getting healthy. At times she acted as my nutritionist, and at times she acted more as my therapist — talking about digestive problems is not something that's easy to do. I have learned so much about food by working with her. Not just about gluten-free products (she does have some great recommendations) but about the importance of reading labels and knowing where your food comes from. You'll find much more organic produce in my kitchen now. I am happy to say that my body has finally got it self back on track. I have the confidence to go out to dinner with friends knowing what I can and cannot eat and I completed my last contract without missing a single show! Thank you Farah.

—Erin B.

When I began working with Farah, I had been on tour for over two years and was constantly moving cities and living out of suitcases. I was having trouble sleeping and also had several bouts abdominal pain due to ovarian cysts. (at least 3-4 hospitalizations). I also had a very irregular cycle and what felt like constant PMS. I thought that I would have to be taking pills for PCOS and insomnia forever.

I had read and tried every single "diet/health" book on the market and never seemed to be able to sustain any positive long-term results. By the time I met Farah I felt tired, stressed out and confused about my health and my eating habits. Working with her I discovered that I had developed some pretty self-destructive habits when it came to eating and food, as well as some misconceptions about what is "healthy."

Did working with Farah help? I will put it this way: I now do not take any sorts of hormones or supplements and have only skipped ONE menstrual cycle since February 2010 (before that I would often go 4-6 months without a cycle). My skin is incredibly clear and my hair has grown a LOT.  I've lost inches in my waist and my most recent ultrasound showed ZERO evidence of PCOS or any cysts whatsoever. It's all been a journey and I can't wait to see what comes next!

— Donna Vivino
Recently starring as Elphaba in Wicked on Tour

This program changed my life, body and energy. The work that Farah did was FAR above and beyond my expectations.  To say I was a junk food and sugar-holic would be the understatement of the century.  I have major food allergies that run my life.  Candy was an easy fix and candy was ONLY what I would eat.  I would run myself into the ground every week with what I thought was having too much on my plate and without a doubt I'd be sick by the end of every single week.  I would have what my family called "post show crashes" or "artist breakdowns".  I battled with depression for years.  

Now I can do more than I ever thought energy wise and NEVER get sick, not even an allergy attack.  I no longer have crashes or breakdowns or depression.  I have ABS with no belly fat and I didn't even try!!!  I had periods that were so painful I'd vomit, not any more!  Most importantly I have learned what food does to your body, how much to eat, what to eat and how to put together a nutritionally dense meal.

— Melissa Robinette
Actress/Equity Counselor

Last year, after work-stress, over-exercise, and bad eating habits finally brought my health crashing down, I decided I had had enough.  On a friend's recommendation, I called Farah - and have been so glad I did ever since.  More than a nutritionist, Farah helped me to understand how the food I ate was interrelated with the overall life I was choosing to lead.  In just two weeks, she put me on a path toward better eating, and the rest followed suit. My energy became focused.  I started to build better boundaries for myself at work. And before I knew it, I found myself in a phenomenal relationship. I couldn't have done any of it without Farah.

I've already recommended Farah to several of my friends - and I've seen first hand the change Farah has helped to bring about for them, as well.  Farah is definitely changing lives.  If you want the same, give her a call!  

— Jim A.
CEO, Internet Startup