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Did you know that there is a business science devoted entirely to how people shop in a supermarket? There's a reason items are placed where they are. For example, have you ever noticed that the dairy section is always in the back? Ever wonder why? It's so you are FORCED to walk down the center aisles where the processed food is to get there.

To avoid the traps of crackers, cakes, cookies and candy, just shop the periphery of the market. If you stick to the outside aisle, you'll encounter produce, meat, eggs, fish and other fresh and refrigerated items. The one sojourn you can safely make up an aisle is to hunt for whole grains like oats and brown rice, dried and canned beans and some canned fish. But beware! These items which are minimally processed tend not be at eye level so check the high and low shelves where the really nutritious food hides out.


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